It’s been 84 years… of HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS until we got introduced to React. Just kidding. These past 10 weeks has flown by quicker than I could ever imagine, and just as the arrow function and if-statements were starting to feel like home we’re heading into new territory.

To start with, you need to grasp that you’ll suddenly build stuff using code blocks that is very similar to Lego-blocks, instead of trying to mold one big piece of plastic. In that way it’s easier to set different settings for each block and create diversity between the blocks.

We’re also introduced to the lovely world of JSX. (What? You can actually combine JavaScript and HTML? YES! 🤩)

My top valuable Q&A of the week

So naturally, a few (kidding, I mean 3 billion!!) questions came up along the way. Some on JSX/React, some on CSS. Here are a few of them:

Bonus: Demo-Time!

So, what projects came out of this struggle you ask?

“Spotify”-knockoff by me and Emma

A “Spotify”-wannabe site, built in React using the Spotify API
The first, swaying baby steps were taken while creating this Spotify-knockoff together with my classmate Emma. For this project we really got the chance to challenge ourselves with getting to know the React-concept and how to use JS in a JSX way. Super-fun! 🎊

👉 Check it out here

Developer-survey built in React

A survey using forms and validation in React
Personally I’ve been struggling a bit getting a grip on Forms. How to connect the buttons, input and submit-function. Now it finally feels like I got it. 🤓 The biggest challenge (but also the most valuable) was to implement custom validation — to not let the user click ‘Next question’ before answering and not checking more than 3 checkboxes.

👉 Check it out here

And finally, another bonus:
“How do you cut through a sponge for a birthday cake without ruining the whole thing?”
Use dental floss. 👌

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